“My name is April Lowe, I am a Team Soul Nutrition Coach and a Prenatal Wellness Coach. I started training off and on (more off than on) at Soul in 2010, however because I live 50 miles north of Soul, I just wasn’t able to commit to driving that far each way everyday. I turned 40 in 2015 and I knew I had a shot at qualifying for the CrossFit Games. I knew without a doubt Danny could get me there so in January 2015 I decided to train full-time at Soul. In the last 11months I have become a better athlete in every possible way (movement, skill, strength, conditioning, etc) and best of all I did qualify for the Games. I have been in this sport for 6 years and can say hands down I have received the very best programming and coaching at Soul. All of my friends and fellow competitors have commented on how I look healthier, happier and stronger now than I ever have before. The coaching is a huge part of that but so is the environment and culture at Soul, everyone embraces each other, supports each other and makes you want to be the very best version of yourself. I am beyond thankful to all Danny, Mo and everyone at CrossFit Soul has done for me.

“My name is Ivette Goicouria, I am an architect and I officially started with Team Soul in Dec. 2014. I went to Soul specifically to improve my Olympic lifts. I had been crossfitting and weightlifting for some time and I finally made up my mind to strictly be a weightlifter. I knew the only place to do that in Miami was at Soul. So far I have improved all my lifts in a pretty big way. Snatch is up 7kg. Clean and Jerk is up 5kg. Back squat is up 11kg. During my time training at Soul I also lost about 16lbs with another sponsored nutrition plan. I mention this because I feel that it makes these increases in my lifts even more significant because they are at a lighter bodyweight. Overall my confidence has improved greatly on my lifts. I could never have done this without the coaching staff for Team Soul Weightlifting classes. Luis Lopez and Alex Uslar have been amazing as far as tweaking my technique and pushing me when I needed it. Soul has even gone so far as to provide a lifting program geared towards Masters’ athletes which hasalso been extremely helpful. The support that we are given at weightlifting meets is the best, bar none. I can go to my meet and know that I can fully trust my coach. All I need to do is warm up as he instructs and lift whatever he chooses for me. It has made my meets so much more enjoyable! MANY people have noticed the difference in my lifts. People that have seen me lift for the past years ALL tell me that I look more confident and even that my lifts are FASTER! Very exciting! The best thing I did for my training was start at Soul last year. It is such a supportive group and LOADS of fun as well. The only thing I regret is not having made the change sooner.”

“My name is Dillon Betancourt. Im currently pursuing a PhD at University of Miami in Microbiology and Immunology. I started with Team Soul Nov. 2014. I was attracted to Team Soul because I was looking for a more comprehensive program that focused on more on olympic weightlifting. I enjoyed traditional crossfit classes but I felt I wasn’t spending the necessary time and attention needed to significantly improve my weightlifting. A friend of mine has recently joined with Team Soul and she recommended it to me and it was the best decision I could have made for my training. Since training with Team Soul, all aspects of my training has improved significantly. My gymnastics, conditioning, weightlifting technique,core strength, and general knowledge of training and its principles are drastically better than they were a year ago. The programming philosophy at Team Soul is truly exceptional. We dedicate extended blocks of time improving all the components of Crossfit such as gymnastics, weightlifting, conditioning, core strength, etc. Some of the session focus on a single aspect such as gymnastics or weightlifting and by focusing on a particular area we are able to make great strides in a short period of time. And the coaches at Team Soul are beyond compare. We have leaders in the field of weightlifting, gymnastics, powerlifting, nutrition, that are all able and eager to lend their expertise to help improve us as athletes. Since joining Team Soul, I’ve lost a good deal of body fat while putting on muscle mass. My friends have noticed that I’m moving a lot better during workouts and whenever and go out and enjoy an active lifestyle, I feel much better moving around and having fun. Team Soul has created a truly great environment for anyone that wants to improve as an athlete. My teammates continually strive to perform their very best and that energy is highly encouraging for anyone that wants to join. I could not imagine a better place to train or better people to train with.”

My name is Michelle Rojas Garcia. I’m a legal assistant with the Miami-Dade County Attorney’s Office. I began with Team Soul via Team Soul Nutrition in September, 2015. Prior to that, I’d been working under Coach Alfredo Arango via his personal programming. My goal was to lose fat, gain muscle and learn more about macros. I also wanted to zero in on my personal weaknesses in order to become a stronger Triathlete.

I’ve learned a lot in both nutrition and training with Team Soul!

NUTRITION: I learned how critical the amount of water I drink is – which means I no longer wake up in the middle of the night dehydrated looking for water to drink. I learned the importance of not only sleep, but good quality sleep – not having to get up to drink water has increased my sleep quality (nice how those two tied together). I learned that consistency is key and learned that “the biggest detriment to my nutrition will always be not having food at home.” It significantly decreased eating out and increased consumption of organic whole foods. I learned that every meal and every workout matters. All this has resulted in my having lost 10lbs. overall, body fat dropped from 22.6% to 18.5%, lean mass weight is up to 113.28 from 110.87.

Additionally, I was been diagnosed with mild fatty liver for the first time in 9/24/2014. The doctor sent me for a liver and gall bladder ultrasound which I had done a month later (10/21/14). Everything came back fine so he said not to worry that it might just be the supplements I was taking. I was taking Progenex and (Isagenix) eShots at that time – I was Marathon training. On 04/23/2015 (just a few days after a Triathlon) I had blood work and again still had mild fatty liver. I was only taking Progenex at the time. Again it was written off as being the supplement. A couple of weeks ago (01/18/16) I went for my physical and results came back clean as a whistle! MILD FATTY LIVER GONE! I can’t explain what caused it as I never stopped taking Progenex. Not to mention, I had taken it the morning of my blood work. The only thing I know has changed since then has been my nutrition.​