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Team Soul Training: Fall Open 2019 Training Cycle

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

On Monday, August 12th, our training will shift focus to preparing for the CrossFit Open, which will run sometime in October through November (official dates yet to be announced). Early in this training cycle we will also be performing the three weeks of the Wodapalooza Individual Online Challenge.. The first set of workouts for that will be on August 21! That is right around the corner. Our training has already started implementing more sport specific training to prepare. Registration for the WZAOC is open, If you have not yet, SIGN-UP (Wodapalooza Main Page).

All training for this cycle will revolve around optimizing your performance in a workout on Friday of each week. As in previous years, that is the day of the week that we will plan for you all to do the WZAOC and CF Open workouts. All other weeks will have either previous years workouts or some sort of sport-of-fitness “mash-up” (think of these as Open-style workouts with a Team Soul Training twist). Each week, with the one workout in mind, all other training will be built out. Some workouts will be designed to work on pacing while others will be designed to challenge you strategically. Both of these are attributes that are just as important as your level of fitness.

Compared to previous cycles, we will focus most training into a primary training session. Everything that is most important to training for success in the Open will be in this primary session. Completing this part of the training session is more than sufficient for those with limited training time. For those that find they have the extra time and energy, we will recommend extra training. Extra training can and will include anything from Weightlifting, squats, gymnastics, conditioning and/or assistance. Be mindful of your extra “time and energy”... this falls in line with prioritizing recovery first. If you have extra time, but haven’t been sleeping well, go home and rest instead of adding the extra volume to your training.

Battery work will return as a major piece of this training cycle. Battery workouts are those in which we will challenge you to build to heavy lifts or complexes of lifts and then develop your capacity to repeat multiple repetitions of those movements under stress and fatigue. The workouts will usually include a combination of the lift or complex paired out with other sport-specific gymnastics movements. Our battery work has historically been very effective with preparing our athletes for online qualifiers.

All Weightlifting and Gymnastics training will be designed to compliment the conditioning and prep for the Open and WZAOC. Work in both sections of training will focus on continued improvements in technique as well as further increases in work capacity. However, seeing that a larger percentage of the movements performed in our sport require “grip”, we will be mindful about keeping your hands healthy and in-tact. We know how detrimental a hand tear can be to performance and want to avoid that at all costs. That being said, we encourage you all to do your part in hand care. Consider investing in a tool to shave or sand your calluses and keep them from getting too thick.

Along with hand-care, we will emphasize more quality training over quantity of training. The objective here is optimal recovery to improve performance and increased chances of success in the primary workout on Friday of each week. Keep this in mind as Monday’s and Tuesday’s will feel more stressful than Wednesday’s. This is not the place to jump on instagram and find an extra workout to do. Our program is designed to be COMPLETE. If you feel that you can handle more or need extra work in a specific area of your training, reach out to us at info@teamsoultraining.com . We are more than happy to guide you in the right direction and help you achieve your performance goals.


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