Off-season 2019 Training Cycle Description

Team Soul Training

Program Design: Off-season 2019


This Crossfit season has been like no other including two Opens in a year, Sanctionals and the opportunity for athletes to qualify for the Games straight out of the Open. After all the online qualifiers and competition we finally have time for an off season. BUT there is no time to rest because we have a lot in store for you this phase.


In our 10 week off-season phase starting on May 3rd and ending on August 11th, we will begin with a slight deload in intensity mainly emphasizing weightlifting and aerobic capacity. We will have one high intense piece on Saturdays. As always, we encourage you to prioritize the Primary session because that will have the most important aspects of training for this phase. To continue to have something tangible for our athletes to focus on and train for, Team Soul will be hosting a small in house weightlifting competition along with participating in a Sprint Triathlon. As a result, our training design is meant to prepare you for these events.    


In the last week of the new training cycle, we will have an opportunity for you to qualify for the American Open Series 3 with a small weightlifting competition. We want to give our athletes as many possibilities to focus on and train for and this meet will give you an opportunity to experience something new. The first week of the phase will start with a deload, we will move to volume, building strength, and finally, hit heavy singles two weeks out. To prepare you, Clean and Jerks and Snatches will be the focus of this cycle, so they will be in the primary sessions. Squats and deadlifts will take a back seat by moving into the secondary sessions.  Whether you are local to South FL or not, we highly recommend you use this training phase as an opportunity for you to qualify for American Open Series 3 and travel to it with Team Soul.


In the 7th week of our training cycle we will be participating in a Sprint Triathlon. Team Soul has teamed up with Full Circle Coaching who will provide programming, on site training, and support on race day. Tri Training is not mandatory but will it take place four times a week outside of the gym for Swim, Run, and Bike sessions. If you are unable to join Team Soul on race day, plan to simulate it at home. Swimming will be done in a pool and will require a swim cap, goggles, fins, and a kickboard. Biking will be done outside and a road bike is preferable, but a “hybrid or trail/mountain bike is also acceptable. Running will be done outside, but if necessary, could be done on an Air Runner. The intensity for each piece will be low but the volume will build throughout the seven weeks to push your aerobic capacity. In the last two weeks of the cycle the intensity of your conditioning pieces will increase in order to prepare you for the Wodapalooza Individual qualifiers and the Open that are right around the corner. The Wodapalooza individual qualifiers will run from August 19th- September 8th. The Open is shortly after that, starting in the first week of October and running through the first week of November. Team qualifiers for Wodapalooza will take place during the first two weeks of December. Typically we have a longer off-season but due to the changes to the Crossfit Games season, it is short and sweet in order to be ready for a new year of competitions.