Granite Games Training Cycle Description

Our new training cycle will begin with a slight deload on intensity mainly focusing on our mixed/conditioning pieces.  We only have one “intense”/high level of output piece this week on Saturday. I realize many people neglect certain responsibilities this time of year due to their commitment to The Open, competitions, etc.  As a result, if you can’t get your regular training done this week, don’t stress. You aren’t missing much. Train outside, spend time with the family, disconnect, get out of the gym!


Trust me when I tell you that this next training cycle is way more aggressive than most of you have been used to over the past 12-18 months.  We feel strongly that with the recent changes, our athletes need something tangible to focus on and train for. Granite Games and many of the local competitions that our athletes are registered for (whether you are remote or local) are events that we want to focus on.  As a result, our training design is meant to prepare/taper/peak for such events.


We want to make sure that everyone is giving EVERYTHING they can every session.  Training time should be special. That is your time to focus on the task at hand, leave social media/work/distractions aside for a moment and give yourself a chance to dial in.  Take these opportunities to practice different strategies and recovery methods so when the qualifiers come around, you are ready. Online qualifiers will continue to be a big part of what we do in Team Soul Training and I want everyone to fine tune their craft.  Online qualifiers are NOT just about who is the fittest. As you may or may not know, there are many things that people need to focus on to make sure that they can prove their fitness. Who their judge is going to be, camera angles, strategy, researching competitors results, etc.  Online qualifiers tend to put people in a chaotic environment and it’s important that everyone is prepared to deal with them in order to prove our level of fitness.


Typically, we begin our Offseason cycle post Open.  This year that changes. This year our training gets intensified.  Those of you who have qualified for Regionals in the past know what I’m talking about.  We want everyone to put their best foot forward, get ready to be uncomfortable, focus on recovery and most importantly…  KEEP THAT PMA!


-Danny Soul